In the heart of the Philippines


SlashIgnite is a social innovation venture studio based in Iloilo City, Philippines

To help organizations & teams ignite possibilities for society by building innovation ecosystems, developing innovative talent (SlashIgniters), and create mission-driven ventures and make them a reality.

What we do

We have over a decade of experience in igniting innovation ecosytems in local communities & within organizations. Ecosystems help create conducive environments for innovative talent & mission-driven ventures to thrive.

#SlashIgniters are Individuals who can harness multi-disciplinary fields to solve social problems through entrepreneurship & innovation. Through tested models of ideation & venture-creation, we run customized trainings to equip individuals with the mindsets & skills to ignite mission-driven ideas to reality

We work with entrepreneurs to insight, ideate and ignite mission-driven ventures that address specific Sustainable Development Goals for a better society.


Social Innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systematic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.

Soule, Malthotra, Clavier (Stanford University)

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